Lake Havasu, Arizona

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Colorado River Boating London Bridge
There is a tremendous array of things to see in and around Lake Havasu Arizona, with the London Bridge being the most enchanting and perhaps intriguing attraction. This famed bridge which spanned the River Thames for almost 140 years, from the 1830's until 1968, now connects Lake Havasu City's mainland and island. The London Bridge survived a terrorist attack in 1884 and the bombing from the Germans in both World Wars. It is now one of the top tourist attractions in Arizona drawing millions each year!

Beyond the bridge is Lake Havasu, which continues to nchant water enthusiasts of every type with its secluded coves and mountain scenery rarely seen in the Southwest. Boats can glide onto palm studded beaches for picnicking, or they can cut along rocky shores to explore the mysteries of Topock Gorge and Havasu National Wildlife Refuge. Boat tours offer trips into areas where ancient man once tread and modern man seldom does. Bill Williams National Wildlife Refuge on the south end of the lake offers wildlife watching with over 200 species of birds plus bighorn sheep.

Lake Havasu

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